Life and Death In An Ocean Full Of Hope

A New Play With Original Music




137,000 Migrants Crossed The Mediterranean Sea into Europe in 2015




About this show

Rehearsal in Paines Plough's Roundabout Theatre

‘Every year young people leave home to travel the world and gain experience. In the same world other young people leave home because if they don’t, they will die. One planet, two very different worlds’.

Life And Death In An Ocean Full Of Hope told the stories of 19 young people who travelled across the world to experience life in its many guises. Their stories spoke of the beauty and magnificence in the world, and sometimes the horrors and tragedies that befell others. At the beginning of the play, they find themselves together on a boat, travelling home and retelling their experiences. Running concurrently with these stories, are the harrowing monologues of the migrant travellers who attempted to make the dangerous journey across the Mediterranean sea  – two very different worlds, linked by a single journey.

The political play was written for the 2nd year degree students at BPC, to reflect the injustice and tragedy of thousands of migrants who took the perilous journey across the Mediterranean sea to escape the dangers of their home countries and to seek asylum in Europe.

With a book by playwright Andrew Muir, lyrics by Claire Rivers and an original score by Ryan Murphy, the show was taken up by internationally celebrated theatre company Paines Plough as part of their Roundabout Theatre Festival in 2018.


Musical Numbers 

Prelude to Hope

Opening Underscore 


Nothing At All

Lullaby For Dad


Brave Soldiers 

Brand Song